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The Issues

Diana Emerson is committed to putting the community first, serving with dedication and integrity!

We must do better to make sure we are setting our students up for success in and out of the classroom! Supporting the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission with a focus on the strategic implementation of the Blue Print for Maryland plan. An opportunity of a lifetime to provide the much needed funding, social services and quality education for all Baltimore City Youth. 

Criminal Justice and Police Reform

We must recognize and understand the data! Acknowledging that the same ole same ole hasn't gotten the job done! A new approach to crime is imperative to community safety.  Including education and reentry programs, diversity training, mental health support and police accountability. 

Health Care

A  multifaceted system.  Healthy communities and healthy people go hand and hand . Affordable, accessible and quality healthcare is a human right.  Making sure communities have access to quality preventative medicine, mental health support, protection of reproductive rights, and access to fresh and healthy foods. 


Championing Small Businesses

We must invest in our small businesses, especially women and minority owned. Baltimore has amazing creatives, builders, and thinkers who have the ability to bring to life new social endeavors and  enterprises. Investing in our local businesses helps the economy but encourages employment growth, community partnerships and higher property values.  We must make sure our local businesses have the support they need to be active participants in the communities they are in. 

Share your ideas! Diana wants to hear from you on what is most important to you and your community. Please reach out to Diana at

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